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Behind the Scenes: The FLAME Candle Collection, fragrances for Men

It’s no lie that candles have always been geared toward women and the gifting industry, specifically focused on women’s scent preferences. Most candle companies seem to provide one or two options with that classic ‘musky, manly’ scent and we knew there was a need to dedicate a candle line to the men!

We began to experiment with fragrance combinations and through testing & opinions, we developed the FLAME collection. The vibe is sensual, sexy, manly, yet sophisticated fragrances for HIM!

Finding the right balance of masculine fragrances and romantic essential oils that promote wellness, we could see our FLAME collection used in his man cave, office, bathroom, or entire bachelor pad.


Our FLAME collection candles are hand poured in black, matte jars with wooden wicks.

  • The Gentleman: Our most popular! Infused with orange, sage, grapefruit and earthy tones, this fragrance creates a sensual, intimate atmosphere.

  • Melanin Smooth: A dark, sexy fragrance with red currant, juniper, and balsam.

  • Shower Fresh: This fresh, woodsy fragrance carries a unique palette of lavender, cypress, cedar, and amber.

  • Hey, Daddy: Notes of lavender and amber marry together with dark musk and vetiver – leaving a mysterious and lustful experience.

All fragrances are not overwhelming or overpowering, with just the right amount of complexity that will have you loving lighting these candles.

We are proud to say, women can’t get enough of these candles too!

So, the next time you are looking for a little something unique for your honey – purchase a Heaven Scent FLAME collection candle.

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