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Candle Care: Benefits of Trimming Your Candle Wick before Lighting

Ever buy a candle only to see soot in the air and the jar walls turn black with residue? Those issues could negatively effect the fragrance throw and longevity of your candle. And, that wasn't the experience you were expecting!

We're here to tell you a great candle experience begins before lighting. An incredibly simple way to make sure your candle experience is optimal each and every time: always trim your wick.

When to Trim Candle Wicks

You should trim your wicks before each use. The wick should be trimmed to about 1/4 inch. Getting in the habit of doing this each time will help get more use of your candles and ensure your candle burns safely.

How to Trim Candle Wicks

To trim a candle wick, use a pair of scissors or wick trimmer.

  • Trim wicks at room temperature. If you forgot to trim the wick before burning your candle, let it cool before cutting.

  • Remove trimmings or any debris that have fallen on the wax, to help them burn safely.

We love: As your candle continues to melt down, you'll appreciate the wick trimmer, for its' long, angled cut.

Trimmed wicks allow for a cleaner, less smoky burn. An easy technique to get used to to get more from every candle you light.

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