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How to choose the best Candle Scent Category for you

It's no surprise that scents are extremely important for our lives. From fresh, or dirty, laundry to the whiff of rain clouds rolling in, the connection between a scent, emotion and memory is pretty fascinating!

And, I'm sure you've picked up a candle or two to smell the fragrance and its' characteristic palette. That's why so many of us enjoying using home fragrance products, like candles. Candles can create a mood or freshen up a room within minutes of lighting.

How do you find the right candle scent?

Browsing down the aisles or online can overloaded with scents and varieties. Selecting a fragrance can be based on a pleasing palette, season or even memory.

Scents and fragrances are broken down into 4 main categories - Woody, Fruity, Floral and Fresh.

Before we breakdown each category, consider the space you will be using the candle scent in. More indulgent or complex fragrances are typically used in the kitchen and clean aromatic fragrances are used in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Here's how to find the best candle scent category for you:

Once you've narrowed down your space, you can select your candle scent! We use 4 categories for our candle scents - Woody, Fruity, Floral and Fresh. Each group has a set of unique characteristics that we create in our candles!

Scent categories are a great way for you to determine which candles to purchase. While some candle names easily reveal the type of fragrance, others might not.


This category emits earthy tones and warm, smoky notes. Fragrances will be more seductive and complex.


Invigorate your senses with citrus. Bright and bold fragrances will energize you from first sniff.


This category encompasses memorable scents, like lavender and jasmine. Love is in the air with these calm and soft fragrances.


Think of spring and summer! Aromas with smooth, clean, uplifting and relaxing notes.

Here's how to know which Heaven Scent Candles fall into scent categories:

Now that you've determined the right scent category, you'll know which fragrances to purchase!

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