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Top Five Simple and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

As the spring air starts settling in and we start to see the first signs of spring blooms, we are energized to bring that same spirit inside our homes.

To help with spring cleaning, we're sharing our top spring cleaning tips. You'll find it's easy to get off track after you've tackled a room or two. But, with pre-planning your refresh sesh, you'll be glad you did!

Here's where we are sharing our Top Five Simple and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips, so that the list doesn't seem so daunting!

  1. Make sure you have all cleaning products necessary - we love non-toxic brands that are good for you and your family.

  2. Make it game! Rewards can help keep you going, even if it's a little piece of chocolate or a walk outside.

  3. Set the mood! Create a playlist, purchase a spring bouquet and even light a refreshing scented candle to create the perfect spring ambiance. It doesn't have to seem like work!

  4. Declutter before you start! Clean up the little piles, donate furniture or unused items that are just taking up space and throw away old mail, bills or trash laying around. Now's the time to even rearrange for an overall room refresh.

  5. Make a list for each room. We've got a FREE room-by-room spring cleaning checklist below to help you stay on task and refresh your home in no time! Separating each room will make things a lot easier.

Spring cleaning can be as flexible as you'd like. We recommend tackling a room a week for "peace and comfort restored." Download our FREE spring cleaning checklist and use all-year-long!


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