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Which works best for home fragrance: Candles vs. Reed Diffusers

Now that we’ve created spaces to WFH, we’re ready to address the smell in the room. But fragrance is much more than just a smell – it ignites memories and restores peace & comfort. At Heaven Scent, we understand the power of fragrance and with the right fragrance, you can sit back, relax, and transport to where you want to be or how you want to feel.

Home fragrance has become an exciting part of accessorizing your home. Which is why there are a wide variety of options and price points! Our two favorites are scented candles and reed diffusers.

How to decide which home fragrance option is best:


Scented Candles give off a romantic, flickering glow that melts wax. Candles are offered in a variety of wax, such as soy, paraffin, beeswax and more. Heaven Scent candles are natural, soy wax candles. Scented candles burn evenly and give a fragrance throw or scent within minutes of lighting.

Benefits of Scented Candles:

  • Creates a beautiful ambiance

  • Enhances home décor

  • Emits complex fragrances that are intriguing and unique

Challenges of Scented Candles:

  • Burning candles cannot be left unattended

  • Some less expensive candles will throw smoke, soot, or have uneven burning

  • Some candles may not be beneficial for your health

Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers fill rooms with fragrance without flames. Fragrance oil is absorbed through reeds, by traveling to the top.

Fragrance naturally evaporates and disperses into the room. Some reed diffusers will last up to 3-4 months, ensuring the reeds are turned upside down every other week.

Benefits of Reed Diffusers:

  • Flameless and safe overnight

  • Reuse and refill the vessel, we encourage new reeds

  • Consistent fragrance in rooms

Challenges of Reed Diffusers:

  • Ingredients of Reed Diffusers can be concerning

  • Ideal for small rooms

  • More costly, depending on the size

What’s the best option: Candles or Reed Diffusers?

Deciding whether candles or reed diffusers are better than the other is up to:

  • where you’re using the home fragrance product

  • will small children or pets be in the area

  • is fragrance important when left unattended

Our personal favorite is candles because we love the flickering of candlelight and the crackling sound of the wooden wick.

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