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Candles 101 - Wicks, Wax and Warmth

Since the inception of developing the Heaven Scent Classic Candle line, I knew I was on a mission to not only ignite memories, but infuse health benefits of candles and home fragrance. I wanted to educate our customers on the big WHY we chose certain aspects of what’s in our candles, so that everyone felt comfortable purchasing our candles.

Our Wicks

All Heaven Scents candles have the beautifully, crackling wooden wick. We selected the wood wick because wooden wicks are more sustainable than cotton wicks, as thousands of wicks can be attained from a single tree. They burn more evenly and cleaner than cotton wicks and produce less soot than a traditional wick.

Other types of candle wicks are:

  • Pre-tabbed: wicks with a small base to secure in a container candle

  • Spooled: wicks without a tab for pillars and tapers

  • Cotton: braided or ring-spun. Cotton wicks may have a paper woven into them or have coated wax for rigidity.

  • Zinc: cotton wicks with a zinc core which burns at a lower temperature

All wicks must be trimmed prior to burning, to allow for a cleaner burn. Wicks come in a variety of lengths and diameter for various candles and wax types.

Wax on, Wax off

Our candles use premium soy wax. We melt the unscented, soy wax to 185 degrees temperature, to ensure the wax and fragrance combine evenly. Wax, containing the fragrance throughout, is hand poured in our containers and vessels. Our candles include colorless soy wax, omitting the use of dyes to create a candle at it’ purest most natural form, reduce as much manipulation to the wax that creates a better burning candle.

Other types of candle wax:

  • Natural Wax: Beeswax, Palm Wax and Soy – slow burning, smokeless, excellent scent throw

Typically used for pillar and container candles

  • Paraffin Wax: Petroleum – quick burning, creates smoke, vibrant colors – bold and bright

Typically used for votive candles

Providing Warmth

All Heaven Scent Candles include sophisticated, essential, and fragrant oils. Our Classic candle line exhibits light florals and feminine fragrances. The luxe FLAME candle line ignites a more masculine, complex palette.

We hope as you light your Heaven Scent candles, they ignite peace, comfort, and most importantly warmth.

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