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Heaven Scent Soy Candles creates beautifully hand poured, scented natural soy candles, and home fragrance options with quality fragrance oil.

A Heaven Scent story

The idea to begin creating my own candle and home fragrance brand came to me in 2012, while sitting on the couch watching a home fragrance commercial.  


Just like many of my customers, I have used a significant amount of the store bought home freshening products, but nothing ever seemed to have that lasting smell that would fill up the entire home and I could barely pronounce half of the ingredients that were used to create those products, so I decided to create my own.  


The idea was Heaven Sent!!  


December 2016, my 16 year old son said, "mom you have been talking about starting this candle business for years now, I'm going to purchase you your first candle making kit," and the rest is history.


Knowing I could create the feeling you get when you walk into your own home or someone else's and be transported to  a memory through intriguing fragrance is truly a beautiful gift!  The sense of smell can take you places that none of the other senses can.  

I continue to strive to provide a natural, beautiful, and inspiring home fragrance product for customers to enjoy throughout their home or paired with a gift, knowing I stand behind the quality of Heaven Scent Soy Candles!


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Why Soy Candles ?

Soy Candles have a cleaner burn - no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants.  Our candles provide a long lasting burn that allows you to enjoy a longer lasting candle while creating a strong hot and cold scent throw.  Our candles are created using fragrance oils that are infused with natural essential oils.  ​

Why Wooden Wicks?

The best part of a wooden wicked candle is the crackling sound it makes while it's burning.  The crackling sound provides comfort, warmth, and relaxation.  Wooden Wicks also create a faster melt pool than many other wick types and provide a stronger scent throw. Our Wooden Wicks are manufactured in the USA from Forest Stewardship Certified Mills. 

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